Gifford Golf Club

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Gifford Club Championships

Firstly I would like to congratulate, Shaun, Blair, Peter, Wilson, Annie, Shona, Connor, Harry, Sally and June on reaching the Championship finals.
It has been rather a dreich day although it did brighten up a bit once we were coming to the end of our matches.
It was good to see so many out supporting us all and lovely to have a great atmosphere once more in the clubhouse.
Thank you to Shirley, Laura and Anna for their usual high quality service!
Thanks go to Jamie and Coco for having the course in such a great condition.
Now for the results and well done to you all !!!

Gents Club Champion
Blair Shearer won 10&8

Gents ‘B’ Champion
Wilson Reid won 5&4

Ladies Champion
Annie Hunter 1up

Molly Glover Bowl
Sally Lucas 2&1

Junior Champion
Connor Cook 1up

Thank you to the referees, Stuart Elms, Kathleen Blackie and Fiona Hopkinson.

Best Wishes
Vice Captain