Gifford Golf Club

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Play Safely

Nobody wants their enjoyment of golf spoilt by accidents and all golfers are responsible to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

  • Grass and other areas can be slippery at any time of the year and proper golf shoes are essential and extra care is needed if driving a buggy on sloping areas.
  • Please ensure your playing partners are clear before swinging a golf club.
  • Flying golf balls are dangerous:
    • Only strike a ball if you have checked that the area ahead is clear.
    • Shout FORE if you see a ball flying towards an area where there may be people.
    • If you hear FORE, turn away from the caller and minimize your target area.
    • If you can see or hear a vehicle, cyclists, horse riders, etc., on a road adjacent to the hole being played then wait for them to pass before striking a ball.
  • Parts of the course may be unsafe and cause injury:
    • The ground may be uneven underfoot.
    • Low lying branches may catch your face or eyes.
    • Wind may cause trees or branches to fall.
  • From time to time it is necessary to spray chemicals on the course. Even though all these chemicals are EU approved you are advised to avoid oral contact with gloves, balls, tees, etc.
  • Please take care when using buggies or driving in the car park.

All golfers must ensure they are fully insured against risk when playing golf including insurance against personal injury to the individual or others or damage to vehicles, buildings or equipment.